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April 2017:

Who Owns History? Notes on Cultural Appropriation, Authenticity and the Historical Film, Mattias Frey

I Read It For The Articles: James Bond and Playboy Magazine, Claire Hines

Swingeing London 67 – Fifty Years On And Still ‘We Love You’, Justin Smith

May 2017:

Of Presidents and Impersonators, Nicholas J. Cull

Meet the Trumps: From Immigrant to President, Office Cat

What Is Archiveology?, Catherine Russell

Meeting Muffin & Friends – An afternoon with Will McNally, Gabrielle Smith

Publish or be Damned…, James Chapman (IAMHIST Advice Blog)

June 2017:

The Hollywood Glamour Photograph, Ellen Wright

The Big CON? How Theresa and ‘Her Team’ failed to mobilise the media of the age, Llewella Chapman

Utilitarian Filmmaking, Deane Williams

Letters from Baghdad, Office Cat

To Review or Not To Review…?, Ciara Chambers (IAMHIST Advice Blog)

July 2017:

Film Finances: Making Hollywood Happen, Charles Drazin

Pedagogies of Re-Enactment: Bystanding and the Media of Re-Experiencing Violence, Carrie Rentschler

Performing Historical Data, Lydia Nicholson

Queen Victoria on Screen, Jeffrey Richards

August 2017:

The Boundaries of Genre: History, Impedance and Flow, Sue Harper

IAMHIST Challenge Event – ‘Extras, Bit-Players, and Historical Consultants in Media History’, Anna Luise Kiss

How to get Published in an Academic Journal, Emma Grylls (IAMHIST Advice Blog)

Not The British New Wave: 5 ‘Kitchen Sink’ Dramas The Critics Never Talk About, Laura Mayne

‘I am sick of films’ – James Mason on the British Film Industry of the 1940s, Adrian Garvey

‘Mr Bond, the Doctor will see you now…’ Applying for Academic Posts in Film and Media, James Chapman


Tracing German Post-War Newsreels in Archives, Sigrun Lehnert

Trouble at Sea: The Perilous Journey of The Voyage of Charles Darwin (1978), Mark Fryers

Cinema City: A Medieval Movie House, Anna Blagrove

A Day at the Archives… The German National Archive (Bundesarchiv) in Berlin, Tobias Hochscherf and Roel Vande Winkel (IAMHIST Blog ‘A Day at the Archives…’ series)


‘I want to tell the world!’ The Soho Fair, Belinda Lee and Miracle in Soho (Julian Amyes, 1957), Jingan Young


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