200px-Historical_journal_of_film,_radio_and_television-2012,_no._2The association has its own peer reviewed journal that can directly be accessed by IAMHIST-members via this website. Published four times a year the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television (HJFRT) is the leading international journal for media history. The journal examines the history of audio-visual media and its impact on political, social and cultural developments. The HJFRT also reviews books on related topics. The HJFRT is published by Iamhist and Routledge. Further details about the journal (aims & scopes, editorial board, instructions for authors, abstracting & indexing) can be found here. The editor is James Chapman (Professor of Film Studies, University of Leicester). The HJFRT takes pride in reviewing not only books published in English, but also to cover books published in foreign languages.

American/Canadian books for review should be sent to:

Prof. Katharina Niemeyer
Université du Québec à Montréal
École des médias - J-3170
C.P. 8888, succ. Centre-ville
Montréal  Qc  H3C 3P8


Books for review published elsewhere should be sent to:

Ciara Chambers
(University College Cork) 
20 Avondale - Passage West
Co. Cork - T12Y5FY


The journal’s book review editors are always looking for people to write reviews of scholarly, biographical, or reference books published that examine any (historical) aspect of media (radio, film, television). Reviews are typically in the 500-1.000 word range. If you want to be included in the pool of potential book reviewers, please e-mail the following information at and

  • Name:
  • Institutional affiliation:
  • E-mail address:
  • Languages you read:
  • Areas of interest and expertise:

For this last item, we are seeking information that will help us direct the books to the most appropriate reviewers. Please list anything that you think would be helpful.

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