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picture: around 1955, scanned analog vernacular photograph, author unknown

The International Association for Media and History is an organization of filmmakers, broadcasters, archivists and scholars dedicated to historical inquiry into film, radio, television, and related media.

We encourage scholarly research into the relations between history and the media as well as the production of historically informed documentaries, television series, and other media texts. We are responsible for an international conference every two years focusing on an aspect of media and history, awards in the field of media and history, and a master class to support postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the field. IAMHIST has its own peer reviewed journal, the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. The aims of the association are:
  • To encourage and facilitate research in the use of audio-visual media and materials as sources for the study of history and the social sciences, including research into the development and impact of audio-visual media in mass communication;
  • To improve the preservation of audio-visual materials as documents and to improve access to archival institutions and collections housing audio-visual materials;
  • To promote the international exchange of information and the development of international projects within its field of interest;
  • To further research into the use of audio-visual media and materials at all levels of historical education.

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